How to Bypass Surveys using XJZ Survey Remover Tool?

Are you tired of the online surveys every time you surf? The online surveys have turned out to be pretty irritating popping out every single time we open the site. It has become a head ache being spammed by the advertisers and marketers. Every single time we visit a website, we need to think of a smart way out to bypass these irritating surveys. The XYZ survey remover tool is one of the most efficient ways to bypass these online surveys and enjoy surfing without being annoyed. Let’s take a look at the online surveys and way to deal with it using XJZ survey remover tool.

Online Surveys

An annoyance to the core while surfing! Imagine you are surfing a site on the Google’s Chrome browser and every time a survey window pops up in the middle of your work.

It gets disturbing all the more when you have to follow the post and get entangled in the maze of surveys.

The surveys are getting on our nerves because we simply cannot proceed without completing them. The surveys are designed in such a way that the surfers cannot avoid them and it becomes a compulsion on their part to complete the information before proceeding further.

XJZ is one of the most efficient and simplest ways that will help you battle this trouble and skip or block these irritating surveys and enjoy a peaceful and unperturbed surfing on Google Chrome.

XJZ Extension

One of the most powerful ways to avoid getting stuck with the surveys is to install the XJZ survey remover extension. This extension helps to get rid of the online surveys that work on most of the survey scripts.

The Initial Idea of XJZ Project

The XJZ project was initiated by a student in the year 2009. His primary motive was to improvise the JavaScript programming and work on his web development skills. He wished to reduce the effectiveness of scams. The surveys and scans often mislead people and fall prey to false promises, ending up paying up money.

Such scams were quite popular those days and have gone viral on social media to a large extent. Hence, the project XJZ was developed to show if such promised content actually existed or not to bring more transparency and mios is also a factor among them.

Progress and Development of XJZ Project


The tool XJZ was improvised during which changes were implemented pertaining to software design and development and website management. Currently it works in one of the easiest and most powerful ways to stop the online surveys and scams in Google chrome. There are easy and simple steps to download the XJZ survey tool that will help you avoid the online surveys and proceed. Read through the article to know more about the steps and procedure to install the XJZ survey remover tool.

How to Use XJZ Survey Remover Tool for Google Chrome

The XJZ tool works on Google Chrome and it is safe to install. Check out the official link to install the tool so that you not get stuck up in other sites searching for links.

  1. So firstly, install the survey remover extension tool for Google Chrome and then proceed.
  2. Once you are done with the installation, you have to reboot your chrome browser. The rebooting of Chrome browser is essential to help the tool function smoothly and as expected.
  3. Now choose a site where you have visited earlier and experienced the trouble of online surveys by advertisers or marketers. Visit and site and observe the pop-ups that generally open and block your screen.
  4. Press the XJZ survey remover button which appears on the upper right hand side of your browser. The page will be reloaded automatically and the survey pop-ups will also vanish. Amazing, isn’t it?

Features of XJZ Survey Remover Tool

  1. It works on all different survey programs and on all sites.
  2. There is no need for permission key, bookmark let or other activation keys to use the tool.
  3. The tool works smoothly on non-download sites as well where the surveys have to be turned on.
  4. The tool automatically detects the survey scripts on certain URLS and finds the download link of the file which you want to download.

The simple and easy steps of installation of the survey remover tool will help you save extra efforts in filling up all information while visiting pages online and make it easy for you while surfing.

It does not kill time nor does it make the process slow. It automatically reloads the pages and directs you to the same window without the pop-ups. This is a definite trouble for the online advertisers and marketers who had chosen these pop-ups for blocking the browsers.

Advantages of XJZ Survey Remover Tool

The XJZ survey remover tool is a great help to bypass the unwanted surveys and proceed peacefully without being trapped with filling up loads of information. Here are some of the major advantages of the XJZ survey remover tool :

  1. The tool helps to remove unwanted surveys and prevents wastage of time and labor.
  2. It also stops you from exposing privacy information to other selling firms.
  3. It is simple to use and highly customizable.
  4. Easy steps of installation and simple to use.
  5. It does not affect the usability of your system and browsing sites.

Download the XJZ Survey Remover Tool

The XJZ survey remover tool, so far is the best available tool that helps to bypass surveys online. The download process is easy and user friendly.

  1. All you have to do is submit your website URL which has these surveys. The tool offers options of encrypting the pages, URLS, removal of scripts etc.
  2. The tool also allows you to report other sites that have such surveys and can be requested to block.
  3. You can directly click on the XJZ survey remover extension to reload the pages you have been working on but this time without the surveys.