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Mission statement example is containing not only an organization’s description but also the leader’s intent and desire expression for the sake of organization. The main purpose of statement is to convey the direction and purpose of organization, including the stakeholders, employees, vendors, and the customers. It is also used to create identity sense for the employees. Typically, it will not be changed for a long period of time, unless there is a massive shift in the organization’s focus or purpose.


Mission Statement Definition


Mission statement example is a line that show what the overall goal of the organization is, the reason why it exists, and the breakdown of the goal in order to operate. It tells you about what are products or services that offered by the company, what’s their target market, and where the company operates. It could also contain the fundamental philosophy or value of the organization, as the vision or as it competitive point in order to compete with the competitors.


Benefits of Using It

Even though a lot of mission statement example lines on the internet look simple and often overlooked by entrepreneurs or small business owner, they are actually an essential necessity for any business. Here are the advantages you can get by using them.

  1. To give the employees understanding about the goals

The company’s goal is stated within the mission, to make the employee keep it in mind and understand about the direction. The purpose of launching new project or service will be clearer if the employees know how to carry the mission.


  1. To unify different departments within and all the workers

It is especially important to use for large company with lots of divisions, used a lot of outsourced workers or hired contractors. It is easy for different departments to have conflict about the goal and how to achieve it, but with a written and explicit message, they will be able to look at the bigger picture.


  1. To remind both employer and employee to keep loyal to the goal

It’s possible for anyone work inside the organization to lose focus and forget their roots, which may affect their images and the company’s negatively. The mission would help them to keep growing and developing while keeping in line.


  1. To hold the company’s accountability

Each business has specific aim, to use as a core in their mission. This has to be understood in order for the company to hold itself accountable. It reminds everyone of what is set to be achieved.


Samples of Mission Statement


As the company’s driving force, the mission inspires people to act and accomplish something. Here are some samples of the famous companies.


  1. Microsoft Inc.

“Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”


  1. Uber Inc.

“We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.”


  1. Google

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”


  1. Kickstarter

“Help to bring creative projects to life.”


  1. Tesla

“Accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

Mission statement example above is used to get the business strive further towards their goal and has been proven to make them focused to their main priority.


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A mission statement is not a detailed plan. An editorial mission statement is the way you unite everyone in your organization towards a single goal. Writing an editorial mission statement for your organization’s blog is just one of the simplest methods to make sure your content advertising strategy stays on track.
More than a few companies do not have a mission statement in any way! It is likely that our company makes profits by generating sales. It is likely that the company gets healthy benefits for its owners and offers a rewarding work environment for its employees.
The vision statement is about what you want to become. Your vision statement provides the address of the company. It’s not exactly the same as your vision statement, which is a broad vision of how your business is going to make an impact on customers and the growing community. You can have a vision statement of just a few words, on fully developed pages.
Mission statements are often quite long, or they can be a very simple sentence or two. The corporate mission statements are written on the basis of giving a brand to the organization and advertising the provider’s latest products. A mission statement is a brief statement that states the mission of your organization. That means you can imagine a mission statement for a combination of what your small or nonprofit does and how and why it does it, expressed in a way that encapsulates the values ??that are important to you. You have a clear and forceful mission statement with which you can compare your current blog.
Your mission statement is a vital business document that can inspire your employees to achieve the best values ??and reach fantastic levels of professionalism by defining your goal. For example, everything should be consistently clean, since you mention in your mission statement that you want to be the best ” and if that is the scenario, even the good ” chiropractors will have a clean configuration. These statements are mandatory to increase parenting skills in families. However, before beginning to write the true statement, you must first establish a basis. These statements consist of several purposes, visions and values ??that are mandatory to keep the staff together with the level of organization in the market. Depending on your target audience, the mission statement of your company must also use appropriate and direct language. The best mission statements of the company incorporate the general reason why the company exists and how the world is improving.
For nonprofit organizations, your mission statement is essential to define your goal. Your mission statement does not need to look exactly like everyone else’s. Mission statements can also indicate the types of services, products and assistance that can be anticipated from the group. They are the detailed plans that tell you how to steer the ship. An effective mission statement should be a clear and concise statement about your company’s strategy. Long mission statements are easier to ignore than read. To create your individual mission statement, ask yourself when you are at your best, and whenever you are at your worst.

mission statement example

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