Sample Asset Inventory Templates

Free Download Sample Asset Inventory Templates

Assets are all property owned by individuals or companies that are valuable and available as capital, commitments or inheritance. For a small company, tracking of fixed assets is important so that business operations remain smooth. However, you can do it with a simple spreadsheet even though there are many asset tracking software tools available on the market.

In your spreadsheet, enter the following information:

Item description, consisting of at least the item name, serial number (ID), and category

  • Storage locations, for example, which department and room number are stored
  • Purchase information, consisting of at least the date of purchase, supplier name, warranty, expiration, and price of goods
  • The quantity of goods, including quantities in units commonly used
  • Value of Goods, for example conditions when purchased, total value in dollars, etc.
  • Item details, such as model number, serial number, links to photos, and other information

To make it easier for you to control a property, provide a label containing the ID number that you created yourself. Asset tracking templates can also contain information about supplier contacts for the purpose of maintenance, repairs, and warranty claims.

Here is an example of an asset inventory template that you can download for free on this site:

  1. Free Download Computer Tracking Software Template
  2. to record model numbers and computer serial numbers in a small business setting
  3. Free download equipment maintenance tracking to track the warranty period, date of purchase, and the latest value
  4. Free Download Tools and other Equipment Tracking to track the location, availability of tools and equipment to plan maintenance or repairs
  5. Free Download Home Inventory tracking to store information about household assets for insurance purposes.

In addition to the four asset inventory templates above, you can also download the following sample templates:

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